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Design-Build Studio from the TU Berlin helped on the reconstruction of Chanco after the Earthquake in 2010

Tuesday 05. April 2011

Ten students worked in the South of Chile together with Professors from the TU-Project “Housing-Manufacturing-Water”.  A first prototype of new housing was the goal to be completed by the German students with Chilean colleagues early April 2011.

The restoration of housing on the town was planned on the Project Seminar “Reclaiming Heritage”  of the 2010/2011 winter semester by students from the TU Berlin that have worked closely with the Chilean partner University and its social planning unit “Politicas Públicas”.   Together with local building authorities in Chanco, the group agreed the disassembling  from several historical buildings and the construction of a first prototype made of low cost and local traditional recyclable materials.  They relied on proven construction techniques and the recycling of materials such as adobe walls (walls of adobe brick), tiling and wooden framework of the damaged buildings.  During the work, the German-Chilean group negotiated with the mayor and the planning authority of the municipality Chanco to rebuild several buildings as part of the further project on the next months.

For more information, go to the official website of Reclaiming Heritage: www.reclaimingheritage.org

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