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Sustainable solutions for a community in South Africa

The students work in South Africa was based on the Project of the Gary White Architects Studio. It was a team work between several participants: community leaders, public officials, architects and students.  This base project offered the main parameters to work; the location and main factors to consider.

The goal to achieve was to give a solution to a community about how to integrate the sustainable technologies in a Household level as well as for the urban level, themes that were discussed on the Short courses.  The result was a proposal that consisted in the use of the rainwater and at the same time greywater recycling.  The idea was to receive the rainwater in the green roof designed and use it for the kitchen, showers or to wash.  After this first process, this greywater was collected on a cistern underground to be finally used as a fertilizer for crops.  The proposal considered the treatment of the both types of water to avoid infections and diseases.

The relevance of the work is the effect that produces, from the team work to the results of the project.  To think about the sustainable use of the water, offers social and cultural benefits as it creates a direct relation to the nature through the work of land.  A new landscape takes value from the water recycling.

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