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Short Course


“Sustainable alternatives for the reconstruction of Talcahuano and its Wharfs” “Alternativas Sustentables para la Reconstrucción de Talcahuano y sus Caletas”

Organized by: Centro EULA, Universidad de Concepción, Technische Universität Berlin.

Date: December Monday 6th – Thursday 9th

Venue: Centro EULA, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile

The goal of the workshop is to identify how education in the three areas of Housing, Manufacturing and Water can contribute to enable students for better management of natural disasters and improved rebuilding after natural disasters. In addition to the contributions in each of the three areas it will be discussed, what knowledge would be needed in an interdisciplinary sense to enable student to be proficient cross-fields.

The Short Course will follow a three step approach to reach this:
1) Identification of problems related to the earthquake in Chile
2) Presentation and discussion of pertinent solutions from the three fields (H, M, W).
3) Education needed to enable students for usage of the presented solutions and research on new solutions for the presented problems

Topics for the Short Course in December 2010 related to the Earthquake in Chile are clustered around the two lines:
1) Management of Natural Disasters (immediately after the disaster)
2) Reconstruction after Natural Disasters (the long-term process of reconstruction)

The region of Talcahuano has been identified by the joint team side before the workshop as case study scenario for the integration of Housing, Manufacturing and Water proposals for the reconstruction of devastated areas result of the earthquake and tsunamis that stroke Chile in February 2010. Two potential case studies in the region of Talcahuano have been identified: “Talcahuano Urban” referring to Talcahuano’s city reconstruction efforts in the downtown and urban areas and “Talcahuano Caletas” referring to rural piers or wharfs and surroundings within the Commune of Talcahuano.
A broad audience is expected to participate in order to foster integration of the project’s results into the community. This includes Faculty, Researchers, Students from EULA and Universidad de Concepción, local authorities in related areas, interested industries and several H-M-W partners from countries all over the world. Representatives from the Chilean industry and Government will be specially invited to join the short course to report on their activities relative to the earthquake. In addition, representatives of the communities will be invited to contribute their point of view.


Short course Presentations

Project Results (Chanco, Chile 2011)



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