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Seminar presentations:


Cornie Scheffer
HMW Backgroung

MSc Eng. Jens Palacios
"Terra-Preta" Project

Dr. Danie Els

Alan Brent

Gunter Slieger
Minifactories for decentralized value creation

Aleksandra Postawa

Eugene Cloete

Prof. MArch. Renato D'Alençon

Brian Verwey
10 Sustainable shelter - References to smart solutions

Dr.-Ing.Paola Alfaro d´Alençon

Ailsa Hardie

Philip du Toit

Matthias Barjenbruch

Heike Hoffmann
15 Greywater production, tratment and reuse

Servio Tulio Cassini

Alexander Wriege Bechtold

MSc Eng. Jens Palacios

18 Support Enviromental Management Actions
Ph.D cand. Yovana Saavedra & Loretha Nascimento
19 Presentation of Smart Meters innovation
Dipl.Ing. Thomas Guidat
20 Wood technology for social housing
Prof. Dr. Arch. Claudio Vásquez
21 Sustainable Building and Renewable endery design
Malcom Worby
22 Delf Symphony
Gary White
23 Green by Design
Richard Palmer 
24 International Funding Possibilities
Rianna Cortzee


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